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Quality Management
Project Management
Software Engineering
Reference Material


Quality Management and Testing

CMMI is one of the most widely known and used methods for software development process improvement. It allows either a process oriented continuous improvement or a staged approach.
It can be used to guide process improvement across a project, a division, or an entire organization.
Much useful information on Quality Management, including the EFQM Excellence Model
James Bach is a software tester, author, trainer and consultant. He is a proponent of Exploratory Testing and the Context-Driven School of software testing, and is credited with developing Session-based testing.
Michael Bolton provides consulting, training, coaching, and other services in software testing for companies, teams, and individuals world-wide. He is also part of the Context-Driven School of Software Testing, a community of people who believe that testing should respond first and foremost to the needs of the organization and the project, rather than to “best practices” that may not be best at all in the given context.
Lots of information around process design. Check out the goodies – contains a collection of Microsoft Word Templates and Excel sheets to help plan and document peer reviews of documentation and software.
SPIRE is a project funded by the European Commission within the ESPRIT/ESSI programme.
Their objective is to help small software development units, employing up to 50 software staff, to get business benefit from investment in software
process improvement. Publishes case-studies in multiple European languages.
An excellent resource for anyone involved in software development. Lots of interesting articles, discussion forums, etc.

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Project Management

A useful online resource with a detailed guide to project management. This link was suggested to me by students in Delaware, who found my links page useful and sent me one of their favourites.
Lots of links to online resources around Project Management, with the claim that the list reflects only tried-and-true project management tools and resources that are trustworthy and effective.
As Spottydog says – this is the site for those new to project management seeking general but sound advice.
Here are 10 project management tips and tricks to help ensure your project will move along smoothly.

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Software Engineering

ACM is the world’s oldest and largest educational and scientific computing society. ACM has an excellent library of articles which can be searched
online (membership required). Membership also entitles you to the monthly magazine “Communications of the ACM”.
The Journal of Defense Software Engineering is an approved  US Department of Defense journal which contains many useful articles on software engineering.
Has a powerful search engine for finding articles in back-copies.
The focus of businesses today is on finding the right solutions quickly. DSDM is a project delivery framework to aid the development and delivery
of business solutions to tight timescales and set budgets. DSDM is about speed to benefit but not at the expense of quality. DSDM is independent ensuring that it is adaptable to meet the needs of any organisation.
The mission of the Software Program Managers Network is to enable managers of large-scale,  software-intensive development or maintenance projects to more effectively  manage and succeed by identifying and conveying to them management Best Practices, lessons-learned, and direct support. The site contains many practical aids such as check lists, reference books which can be downloaded, training, discussion areas for project managers and a set of frequently asked questions and answers.
A guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge. It seeks to identify and describe that subset of the body of knowledge that is generally accepted.
The “Vorgehensmodell” is the German government’s process model covering all aspects of software development, project management, configuration management and software quality assurance. It is usually mandatory for projects which are being executed in the public sector and armed forces. It was last updated in February 2005, this latest version is more flexible than the earlier version allowing tailoring of the model for the organisation and individual projects.
This template developed by the Atlantic Systems Guild Inc. provides a comprehensive skeleton for the requirements specification of an IT system.
The template can be used with Requisite, DOORS, Caliber RM and other popular tools.

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Reference Material

Everything to do with the BSI – standards, books, search engine, who’s who and more…
Everything to do with the IEEE – standards, books, search engine, who’s who, conferences and more…
Information about ISO, list of standards, who’s who and access (registration required) to their documentation-server which contains the ISO standards.
An interesting collection of methods to help creative thinking.
Various Techniques to help you think excellently, tackle problem solving and more.

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The following recommendations are based personal knowledge of the consultants concerned and their work:

Kruse-IT supplies IT services and consulting in the Rhein-Main area of Germany. Their area of expertise is object-oriented software design and development.

Volker Weber (vowe), based in Darmstadt –  analyst, journalist, consultant, designer, web master and trainer. Volker is extremely knowledgeable on Lotus Notes and IBM’s WebSphere and has excellent contacts to IBM and Lotus.
Writes regularly for a number of magazines, including c’t. You can check out his past articles here.

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